/We consider it vital that legal support should never be offered in any one particular area of activity without taking into account other fields of law. All relevant legal sectors should be mastered since they are all intermingled, e.g.  commercial law with liabilities (or statutory rights) including labor and family law. The same is true for real property law and related sectors of family law. It is vital to recognise this in certain cases such as when civil law overlaps with criminal law. This knowledge is indespensible to the qualified lawyer.

Due to numerous reasons mentioned above we believe we are capable of extending our clients expert legal support, and provide our client’s with excellent counseling and advice covering the following fields of law:


  • Agreement Law

  • Tenancy, disposition, property arrangements/severance of joint property and other cases related to real estate.

  • Family rights (personal rights of spouses, proprietary rights of spouses, personal rights of parents and children).

  • Commercial law (including establishment, acquisitions and mergers of enterprises).

  • We provide legal protection and counseling for criminal cases in the course of pre-trial proceedings and at the trial court.

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